Deliberate Work

Mondays and Wednesdays used for deliberate work.

On a deliberate work day

Heatmap visualization tracking weekly focus sessions using Task Lights.

Other Days

Implications and Issues

  • Email is rarely answered. Instead I try to find other channels to communicate. However, this is incompatible with roles involving high-levels of coordination with many parties (conference organization, editors, etc.).
  • This works well for creative tasks and for people with flexible work schedules, otherwise, this may not work well in other settings.
  • This can break down when multiple projects which need big pushes at the same time. Anticipating collisions is important.
  • Making big pushes on one or two projects a week can mean that other projects may stagnate or some students are not getting the right level of feedback and direction. This is a difficult balancing act.
  • Defending the space for deliberate work can be difficult. Meeting requests, “shallow” tasks, and other forces constantly compete for it.

Work frequently and deliberately on goals that matter.




Assistant Professor in Computer Science

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Chris Parnin

Chris Parnin

Assistant Professor in Computer Science

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